Make It Springtime - lyrics and chords from

Capo 5th fret (or substitute C and G for G and D)
Make it [G]springtime in my heart
where the [D]sun shines fully [G]part
of the [G]whole of all creation.
With each [D]breath spirit [G]sings.

Allel[G]uia Allel[G]uia
Glory [D]Glory Am[G]en

Alleluia Alleluia
Glory Glory Amen

With the cold of winter past,
with the warmth and the rising sap,
catch the wave of springtime's rise,
a joyful turning of the tide.


The grass is greening on all sides.
Gloom and doubt cannot hide.
The clouds have parted, there's blue sky.
The birds are singing and so am I.


Make it springtime in our hearts
where the sun shines fully part
of the whole of all creation.
With each breath spirit sings.