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Glorious Earth live at PoWR2018

Posted 2018-11-10
Live performance of Glorious Earth at the Parliament of World Religions NextGen plenary
Lyrics for Glorious Earth



— Catherine Lummiss - Nov 10 2018

So Proud of you guys! And Thankful from All!

— Clare - Nov 10 2018

This is very wonderful. I am glad you are getting this kind of exposure. It is most fitting for what you do. Wishing much success for the coming years.

— Stefan - Nov 11 2018

Such a much needed message for We, the People of Planet Earth! Thank you for your uplifting music.
Blessings and Peace,
Safe travels!

— Shasta Pettijohn - Nov 11 2018

You are the Next Gen. I thank all that is holy that you continue to be who you are.

— Carol Squire - Nov 13 2018

Thank you all! A beam of light right into to the brain-heart.

— Jakob - Nov 15 2018

Nothing like listening to one or more of your songs to make me feel blessed and grateful for all that life is. Thank you so much for these heartfelt songs of prayer.

— Meiko - Nov 21 2018
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